Weekly responsibilities include:

Confirming with Vinnie Puglia the week of each home game by emailing fields@marlborosoccer.com when he sends the reminder out for this weeks home game.

Secondly, throughGot Soccer send the opposing team an email chat confirming game time, location and uniform color that MSA will be wearing for that game. This will eliminate potential problems and will also allow the team to change uniform colors before the game. Rule of thumb, always have both uniforms with all players, the uniform their wearing and their second MSA jersey/uniform in the players travel bag.
Secondly, please go to Got Soccer within 48 hours of each game and print a copy of the game card which is a PDF located to the left of each weeks game. The ref will require this at check in of the team prior to the start of the game. The referee will also require the required referee fee with this roster (please bring exact funds, refs hate to make change). Please see email form your respected league for the required fee your field size. (ex 9v9 is a different fee then 11v11)

MOSA games, the home team is responsible for the entire referee fee

EDP games, each team will split the referee fees on a weekly basis.

MSA will contact you in reference to reimbursements over the next several weeks. Reimbursements will be sent out to the teams in October.

Please bring all laminated player cards as well as licenced coaches/managers and trainers.YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY WITHOUT PLAYER/COACHES CARDS.

Always have accessible a folder/binder with printed medical release forms.

It is the responsibility of the home team to enter game information into got soccer post game play. Occasionally, the home team will not enter the information so I suggest checking the day after game play to enter game information if the opposing team failed to. Please check after each game that the information entered is correct, coaches occasionally make mistakes. Referees will input all carded offences, do not input yellow or red cards. All information is located on the top of the game card.

Please refer to Marlboro Soccer Association website, coaches tab to brief yourself on other MSA policies such as player injury reporting as well as reimbursement polices.