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CTR Soccer is the result of the merger between Tab Ramos Soccer Programs and Campioni Soccer. With over 15 years in the soccer training business, TRSP has become one of the leading training companies in the NJ, NY and PA area. Over the same period of time, Campioni Soccer has expanded its business and is now considered one of the leading soccer training companies in Monmouth County.

CTR Soccer provides local travel and recreation programs with a large staff of professional, highly-trained and experienced trainers and coaches, instruction and training aligned with the curriculum of the US Soccer Federation, high quality facilities (indoor and outdoor), vertical and horizontal player and coach development opportunities, and year-round, customized individual, team and club training programs. CTR Soccer offers completely personalized programs for local township clubs, recreation programs, and high school programs and runs personal and small group training through seasonal camps and clinics. CTR Soccer’s focus and foundation is solely on player development at the grass roots level.

For CTR's programs available for Marlboro Soccer, please click here.

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No pets are allowed on any Marlboro soccer fields.

Please drive carefully and only park in designated spots.

There is no parent or guest parking being the MMS turf field.  Please park in designated spots at the Rec Center parking lot or at MMS.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.