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Marlboro Soccer Association

2023-2024 Tryouts


For FAQs and Instructions on how to Register please go to our Travel Tryouts Page:

Travel Tryouts Page


11v11 Teams 9v9 Teams 7v7 Teams 4v4 Teams
2005 Mustangs Blue (EDP) 2011 Union Blue (EDP) 2013 Thunder Blue (EDP Futures) 2016 Boys U7s (EDP Festivals)
2007 Gunners Blue (EDP/USYS P.R.O.) 2011 Union Gold (MOSA) 2013 Thunder Gold (MOSA) 2016 Girls U7s (EDP Festivals)
2007 Gunners Gold (EDP) 2011 Union White (MOSA) 2013 Thunder White (MOSA)
2008 Hornets Blue (EDP) 2011 Sparks Blue (EDP) 2013 Thunder Black (MOSA)
2008 Storm Blue (EDP) 2011 Sparks Gold (MOSA) 2013 Lightning Blue (MOSA)
2009 Rebels Blue (EDP) 2012 Spartans Blue (EDP) 2014 Raptors Blue (EDP Futures)
2009 Magic Blue (MOSA) 2012 Spartans Gold (MOSA) 2014 Raptors Gold (MOSA)
2010 Dynamo Blue (EDP) 2012 Spartans White (MOSA) 2014 Raptors White (MOSA)
2010 Dynamo Gold (MOSA) 2012 Comets Blue (MOSA) 2014 Hurricanes Blue (MOSA)
2010 Fire Blue (MOSA) 2014 Hurricanes Gold (MOSA)

2015 Matrix Blue (EDP Futures)
2015 Matrix Gold (MOSA)
    2015 Mystics Blue (MOSA)  

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NJYS Carding Registration

Marlboro Soccer Association

NJYS Carding Procedures

Marlboro Soccer travel players and coaches for teams playing in the Monmouth-Ocean Soccer Association (“MOSA”) are required to be New Jersey Youth Soccer (“NJYS”) carded.  The carding process for NJYS is done through U.S. Soccer Connect (formally Bonzi); an online registration process.


The responsibility of a player being carded timely is the player's parent not the coach, manager or any representative of Marlboro Soccer. Players MUST be NJYS carded to participate in any league or tournament games. The same is true for coaches with the exception that an un-carded coach may not stand on the players' sideline.


One of the many benefits of U.S. Soccer Connect is that a player’s and coach’s information is maintained in the database simplifying the carding process for future years.  For example, all player information such as medical information, birth certificate and the player’s picture will not have to be re-entered from year to year.


Team managers will be provided access to U.S. Soccer Connect to print all cards and medical release forms.  If there are any issues with a player or coach card, the team manager will notify you.

Should there be any questions regarding the carding process, please contact [email protected].

MSA Travel Board

Michael Libraty
Vice President of Travel Soccer
General Questions and Tryouts

Danielle MacKenzie
Travel Director
Communications Director
US Soccer Connect and Player Carding

Roy Failla
Travel Director

Josh Kutenplon
Travel Director
MOSA Liaison

Alon Solon
Travel Director
Manager Support

Eric Zaslavsky
Travel Director


No pets are allowed on any Marlboro soccer fields.

Please drive carefully and only park in designated spots.

There is no parent or guest parking being the MMS turf field.  Please park in designated spots at the Rec Center parking lot or at MMS.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.