Background Checks

 To:       All Volunteer Coaches, Division Coordinators, Board Members, and

            Seasonal Employees


Re:      Criminal History Background Checks – Ordinance #2006-13

            N.J.S.A. 53:1-20.6, N.J.A.C. 13:50-1.1


In order to ensure that Marlboro Township Recreation Department has the safest possible recreation program in protecting our youth participants, we require compliance of submission for Criminal History Background Check.


The next scheduled in person only process will be held on Monday, June 11th at the Recreation Center from 6– 8PM. 


All coaches, assistant coaches, board members, division coordinators and seasonal employees with direct unsupervised access to minors are required to submit to a criminal history background check as it applies to Marlboro Township Youth Programs.


This means any program offering services for persons younger than eighteen (18) years of age, including but not limited to sports leagues that are funded and/or administered, in whole or in part, by the Marlboro Township Recreation & Parks Commission must comply.


Failure of an individual to submit to a required Criminal Background Check will result in the prohibiting of recreation program participation by that individual.


This process is of no cost to you as the Recreation Department has contracted with Instant Verification Co. to conduct, and is valid for two (2) years.  You must present your driver’s license, fill out an application, and have your photo taken.


Once approved, you will be provided an ID card which MUST be worn at all activities you coach or as required for youth programs.  Any violation of this will result in dismissal from the field/court until the ID card is provided.


The following dates are confirmed for the in-person background check process (held at the Recreation Center from 6-8pm):

 Monday, June 11th

Tuesday, August 21st

Wednesday, October 25th