2015 Marlboro MegaBlast Tournament



Great job and thank you for supporting FoodStock this year. 

Total weight collected 
5,025 pounds!
Thanks again to you and everybody from the Marlboro organization for giving us this opportunity
Here are the final top ten
  Division Club Team Weight
1 Boys U11 Freehold SL Barca Blue 356.60
2 Girls U12 BOM Continentals 320.20
3 Boys U9 Marlboro Mustangs White 303.40
4 Girls U11 Twin County SA Breakers 282.00
5 Boys U10 Toms River Independent SC Gunners 247.40
6 Boys U12 Middletown SC Strikers Red 243.20
7 Boys U11 Marlboro Tornados 240.80
8 Girls U8 Marlboro Soccer Association Chaos Gold 202.00
9 Girls U14 NJ Stallions Academy Thunder 186.20
10 Girls U8 Middletown SC Freedom Red 140.00
John and Jennifer Swisher



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Please Note!

 Please Note:


Pets are NOT allowed on any Marlboro Soccer Fields!

Safety First! Please Drive Carefully and Park Only in Designated Parking Spots.

Think Green! Please use Reusable Water Bottles.